The 21 Day Reset Programme

  • – Do you need to loose a few pounds?
  • – Ditch a sugar addiction?
  • – Improve gut health and digestion?
  • – Want to kickstart a healthier lifestyle?
  • – Or feel like you could improve your immune system or mood?

This 21 day reset programme is personalised to your needs and aims to restore healthy digestion and gut health to improve immunity,
mood and weight control.

According to neuroscientists and current research, it takes just 21 days for the brain to convert new behaviours into lasting neural pathways or new habits. Therefore, we can reprogramme our brain in just 3 weeks to eliminate sugar cravings, enjoy exercise, experience new flavours etc

The 21 day reset programme is designed to help you get back to a healthier diet and lifestyle in just 3 weeks!

What does the programme cost?

The programme costs just €180 and includes:

  • – 2 consultations (approx 1 hour each) to tailor your personalised programme
  • – meal options to choose from daily
  • – recipes
  • – supplements suggestions to support
  • – shopping list
  • – email support and motivation

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