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Aisling works with clients to uncover and address the underlying cause of specific symptoms or health concerns. Aisling also enjoys giving healthy eating and nutrition talks and classes.

Immune Boosting Drink

Feeling a little under the weather? Are you frequently sick, picking up all the infections and bugs? Do you regularly feel tired and lacking motivation or energy? Does it take a long time for any wounds to heal or to recover from illness? Does your liver feel sluggish or your skin starting[...]

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The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing The skin is the largest organ in the body! Blocked skin pores can prevent the elimination of toxins and wastes from the body. Dry skin brushing before a shower, which helps to open pores due to the heat, is a great way to aid detoxification. Here are some of the gr[...]

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Apricot Bliss Balls

These bliss balls were blitzed up in seconds, have only four ingredients and are perfect for school lunches, afternoon snacks or a sweet treat. Ingredients: 150g Apricots 100g dessicated coconut 1 tbsp coconut oil 2 tbsp maple syrup (Makes roughly 12 bliss balls) What to do[...]

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A Very Vegan Birthday Cake

Last week my gorgeous nephew turned One! We couldn’t believe how fast the year had passed by and how much he had achieved in that time! As his godmother I really wanted to mark this special occasion in a memorable way. So as well as some cute clothes, I made him a gorgeous photo book with pictures[...]

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Back to School Lunches!

So as the school term looms again, most of us are looking forward to getting back into some kind of routine in our lives! I for one really enjoyed the summer, the freedom in the longer evenings, less rushing in the mornings and more relaxed eating habits. However, I’m also looking forward to getti[...]

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Sweet Potato Dark Chocolate Brownies

We all want a nice treat every now and then…. and this one really isn’t the worst! It’s so delicious and packed with fibre, good fats, Vitamin A and antioxidants! You’re either going to laugh or scream ‘Yuck’ when you see the first ingredient, but trust me they taste great! So I decided[...]

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Veggie butter bean lasagne

Here’s a nice alternative to the lasagne we all grew up on! Don’t get me wrong, I still make a meaty one too but sometimes it’s nice to change it up ?? It’s also beneficial to our health to consume less animal products so maybe try meat-free Mondays or a veggie night once or twice a week! [...]

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