Did you know that 45% of people suffer symptoms of food intolerance?

Did you also know that 3 out of 4 people tested, reported feeling the benefit within 3 weeks of dietary change?

Symptoms of food intolerance can manifest in the body in many ways such as headaches, bloating, eczema or IBS. If the body is reacting to certain foods, Aisling’s aim is to find out why and reduce any resulting inflammation in the body. An IgG food intolerance test helps to pin point the culprits to create a specific nutritional plan for clients.

How does it work?

Over 200 foods and drinks are tested with a simple finger prick blood test. The blood sample is then returned to the laboratory and tested for IgG antibodies which indicate reactivity within the body.

Read how easy it is to take the test here.

When the results come back, Aisling creates a plan of elimination and healing for the client to work on for a number of weeks. Sometimes foods can be re-introduced and Aisling will help with this also.
Cost: €299 (includes test kits, results, consultation and personalised plan)

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