Immune Boosting Drink

Feeling a little under the weather?

Are you frequently sick, picking up all the infections and bugs?

Do you regularly feel tired and lacking motivation or energy?

Does it take a long time for any wounds to heal or to recover from illness?

Does your liver feel sluggish or your skin starting to sag and age?

Perhaps your immune system needs a boost!!

Try the drink below each morning for two weeks and watch your energy increase, your skin brighten and your overall health improve…

Immune Boosting Drink Benefits:

  1. Reduce inflammation and pain in the body – turmeric and ginger have anti-inflammatory effects.
  2. Improve circulation of blood flow and beneficial antioxidant nutrients to all areas of the body.
  3. Improve the appearance of skin, helping to smooth and reduce ageing with vitamin A from mango and pineapple.
  4. Support digestion of foods with natural enzyme called bromelain present in pineapple.
  5. Encourage bowel movements and feed beneficial gut bacteria with the fibre pectin from apple skins.
  6. Red apple skins also provide quercetin, a natural anti-histamine to help reduce allergies.
  7. Lemon juice supports stomach acidity for better digestion and absorption of foods, as well as supporting liver detoxification processes.

Immune drink ingredients


2 organic red apples

Fresh juice of 2 lemons

1-2 inches of fresh ginger

5-6 inches fresh turmeric root

A pinch of black pepper

A large handful of fresh or frozen pineapple or mango

500mls filtered water


Prepare all the ingredients. Roughly chop the apples, discarding the core but leaving the skin on which is rich in a fibre called pectin that benefits the gut. Place in a large blender or Nutri-bullet. Halve the lemons and squeeze in as much juice as you can from them. Peel the skin from the ginger (a teaspoon works well for this!) and grate into the mix.

For the next part, I highly recommend wearing gloves and protecting your counter top or chopping board, as turmeric stains!!! Peel the skin off the fresh turmeric root and grate into the blender. Add a large handful of pineapple or mango (or both!). Fresh or frozen work fine. Finally, add 500mls of filtered water, a pinch of black pepper and blend until smooth. You can add more water if it is too thick. The black pepper helps to activate a compound in turmeric called curcumin, which is shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

This stores well for a week in the fridge and you can drink a small glass each morning to reduce inflammation, improve immune function and circulation.

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